LumieLabs from Britannica

LumieLabs is Britannica’s K-12 digital storytelling and video-creation platform combining curriculum-relevant, project-based video lessons with millions of royalty-free, rights-cleared, fair-use multimedia clips and thousands of audio clips from best-in-class producers and artists for professional-quality content creation.

The platform offers unique features and benefits for educators, quality content, and a variety of technical capabilities that other video-creation platforms often lack. It is among the few video products on the market specifically designed to meet K-12 learning objectives. LumieLabs has been adopted by educational facilities, educators, and students across five countries.

Video has become a language of choice for today’s young generation. According to research, the average teen watches 68 videos every day, and YouTube is their number one social platform. This platform makes it easy for educators to harness students’ passions and natural engagement with media to meet subject-area learning objectives, assess students’ mastery of content, promote voice and choice, and weave in practical skills that enable their futures in a safe, controlled environment.

The platform’s innovative sharing walls give students opportunities to engage with authentic audiences, ranging from their own classroom peers up to their entire school. LumieLabs allows educators to assign and manage student video creation all in one platform. By creating digital stories, students gain a deeper understanding of their topic, learn the importance of story structure, and become media-savvy creators.  For this and more, LumieLabs is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Video-based Learning Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. See an intro video here: Learn more.


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