Here’s a comprehensive assessment scheduling and resource management tool and the among the only test enablement solutions that integrates data from disparate systems into a single platform to efficiently coordinate and schedule students and staff.

During the 2019 school year, more than 325 districts used TestHound to schedule 3.5 million students for 225 state-mandated assessments and processed roughly 7.3 million student accommodations across various special programs.

By utilizing the efficiencies provided through the platform, tasks that can take several days to accomplish using alternative methods can be done within a matter of hours.

TestHound accounts for the myriad of student, staff, and facility considerations, allows for 100% accountability of test booklets (for relevant states) and provides automated communication with proctors and comprehensive preparation and summary reporting for all involved. Along with integrating data, TestHound also simplifies the generation of state-mandated documentation with reports containing all state-required information. It also ensures students receive appropriate testing accommodations by filtering students into like rooms and providing notification of student needs to test administrators. The solution can even be used to streamline scheduling and logistics for events such as field trips and graduations, as well as to track technology assets distributed to students.

The platform provides improved performance for staff through on-time notification of assignments, improved attendance through the notification of students’ testing times and locations, and reduced time-on-task to ensure all students are accurately scheduled.

This solution empowers overextended school staff to efficiently and accurately coordinate assessments, allowing them to spend their valuable time on other priorities. For this and more, TestHound is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Testing & Assessment Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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