Anthology Outcomes

This is a specialized institutional assessment outcomes solution designed to deliver meaningful and measurable outcomes that help administrators gain a clearer view of their campus-wide progress. Outcomes simplifies higher ed assessment and reporting processes and helps quickly identify continuous improvement opportunities.

The solution enables data collection standardization across campus – allowing each division, department, section and course to manage their own outcomes assessment process while maintaining centralized oversight. With robust LMS integrations, assignable permissions and timely reminders, stakeholders engage in an intuitive experience with access to the right data 24/7.

Comparative dashboards help administrators visualize progress, trends and real-time student outcomes data across the institution. Staff can analyze the quality of their outcome statements through Bloom’s Taxonomy visualizations and view automated curriculum maps and text analytics in one location. They can also track the methods, delivery and use of assessment results to measure outcomes achievement and better understand the validity of their data.

According to Susan Riley, Assistant Dean of Academic Initiatives at the University of Cincinnati – Clermont College, “With Outcomes, we’re transitioning learning outcomes assessment from the collection of data to the use of results. For the first time, faculty and staff were involved in the assessment process and talking about how their roles contributed to core competencies. Outcomes provided the platform for these discussions and review of actual assessment results was easily accomplished. Outcomes provides visual connections which creates the opportunity to truly engage faculty and staff across the institution with outcomes assessment to improve student learning.”

For this and more, Anthology Outcomes is a Cool Tool Award Winner (2022) for “Best Administrative Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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