Intellum Platform

The Intellum Platform includes everything a company needs to create and deliver highly engaging training experiences. Now more than ever, organizations are searching for ways to enable and align the employees that touch revenue.

Makes sense — because according to the latest research — well-executed enablement can lead to:

  • 23% increase in lead conversions
  • 32% increase in quota attainment

But successful alignment requires more than just the deployment of marketing materials and new processes. Forward-thinking organizations are building new enablement programs around education.

Making training feel awesome is hard. Intellum was born in the world of compliance training and figured out how to make learning fun, engaging, and personal. Those strengths are even more important for learning that isn’t required. For early clients like Facebook and Google, it was Intellum that could match the strength of their own user experiences and keep users in an active state of learning. That history of hard lessons learned in the field is what supports the company’s ability to successfully serve clients with complex needs.

For these reasons and more, Intellum is the Winner of a Cool Tool Award for “Best Corporate Training Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2022 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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