Quottly, one of the largest, most comprehensive course and program sharing platforms in higher education, enables institutions to simply and seamlessly accelerate and boost student success, improve financial outcomes, and alleviate administrative burdens. Through four modules – cross registration, programs and certificates, transfer and equivalency, and pathways – Quottly’s 200+ partner institutions can offer their over 3 million students a streamlined degree completion pathway.

The platform is powered by an innovative system that combines course discovery with a comprehensive transfer equivalency database, SIS integration, and one-click registration. This solution leverages multi-SIS integration where institutions continue to use their preferred SIS while enabling secure data-sharing across campuses and institutions.

This cool tool eliminates education barriers and closes access gaps for all learners. By expanding access to course options and registration, and a seamless and efficient transfer of credits, Quottly’s platform solves problems that many students and institutions face – reaching more students with a comprehensive catalog, optimizing class sizes, offering alternatives to core classes and filling gaps in degree completion pathways.

Quottly’s solution facilitates a better student experience while delivering efficiencies for institutions. As institutions face revenue and cost challenges, course and program sharing collaboration will become essential as they seek to meet the needs of students. Quottly is the platform to power that collaboration. Over the last year, the platform has allowed the California Virtual Campus, Idaho State Board of Education, and Montana University System to collectively offer 239,348 sections across 58,461 courses to students across their institution campuses. For these reasons and more, Quottly is the Cool Tool Winner for “Best Digital Courseware Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2022 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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