PowerSchool Unified Insights Powered by Hoonuit

This tool offers rich analytics that provide educators the actionable insights they need to improve student outcomes. Unified Insights™ Powered by Hoonuit provides insights to school, district, and state education agencies – with specific solutions for essential student learning (attendance, behavior, and coursework), early warning and intervention, social and emotional learning reporting, and college and career readiness, as well as K-12 finance and operations, talent management, enrollment analytics, and location analytics.

Having access to the right analytics and data management solution enables educators to connect data (that was historically isolated), surface trends, and empower educators to be more informed and make better decisions.

Unified Insights allows educators access to breakthrough analytics including:

Fully comprehensive analytics platform with actionable insights across all key aspects of school and district operations. The platform provides education stakeholders the insights they need to optimize time and resources, make impactful decisions, improve operational efficiency, better understand the adoption of digital learning, and track accountability.

Visibility into data to address the critical challenges in enrollment, attendance, and learning engagement to help identify at-risk students, drive better attendance, improve school engagement, and monitor social and emotional well-being to increase enrollment.

Public facing accountability dashboards to share how schools and districts are performing.

Personalized instruction and intervention informed by one-of-a-kind predictive insights and AI modeling. These analytics leverage machine learning to deliver a comprehensive snapshot of the whole child. 

For this and more, PowerSchool Unified Insights Powered by Hoonuit is a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Learning Analytics / Data Mining Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2022 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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