HUE Animation Studio

Here’s a very cool tool: it’s a complete stop motion animation and time-lapse kit for children aged 7-13. It is approved and perfect for creative, project based learning right across the curriculum both in the classroom and at home. It’s the HUE Animation Studio kit and it includes: 

  • a uniquely flexible HUE HD, Plug & Play, USB camera featuring a built-in microphone
  • richly-featured HUE Animation software, designed for children by education specialists
  • full-color, 64-page HUE Book of Animation with step-by-step instructions for creating 20 stop motion videos and ideas for more.
  • digital resources including sound effects, storyboards and cut-out puppets.

Whether you are making a LEGO® brick film, animating your own characters with claymation, recording voice overs or capturing a flower as it blooms using time-lapse photography, you can bring anything to life in minutes with the easy-to-use software.

“Tech toys such as HUE Animation Studio provide an engaging way for children to develop a range of multi-sensory skills. Not only are they learning about the technical side of stop motion animation, but they are also able to explore their creative interests through storytelling or scriptwriting, scenery production, artistic direction, lighting and sound,” says Dr. Amanda Gummer, a child development expert. “This versatile product can help children create compelling school projects … or have fun with friends making movies with each person taking on a role that suits their abilities and preferences.” 

For these reasons and more, HUE Animation Studio recently earned a Cool Tool Award (finalist) for “Best Arts, Music, or Creative Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2022 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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