Muzzy Lane Simulations 

Muzzy Lane creates simulations to assess student skills and learning. In its new partnership with Education Design Lab it will create engaging simulations for micro-credentialing courses that teach various 21st-century skills. These immersive, engaging assessments will ask students to apply what they’ve learned rather than simply recalling answers.

The partnership will also allow the Education Design Lab to scale by providing automatically scored assessments for complex skills.

For example, the automated assessment for the Critical Thinking Micro-credential takes 30-45 minutes for a student to complete. It then provides facilitators a summative deep dive into the student’s skill performance. A dashboard visualizes the count of correct and incorrect answers for specific questions, helping facilitators spot skill deficits among their students and make informed decisions about how to close those gaps.

Partners will be able to choose between the existing facilitator-graded assessments or the new auto-assessment. Both companies will offer these assessments to their respective customers. Learn more


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