Here’s a very cool tool for any teacher whose class size is increasing this year: an affordable and flexible online app for making auto-graded digital activities. Larger class sizes usually mean more work grading papers and managing the classroom, leaving less time for meaningful feedback and personalized instruction. But TeacherMade makes large classes manageable in the following ways: 

– Eliminates hand-grading: With 15+ auto-graded question types, TeacherMade makes practice worksheets practical even in large classes.

– Engages students: Easily add audio, images, videos, and voice instructions to TeacherMade activities. 

– Makes accommodations easier: Easily create versions of activities with different accommodations and content so you can address diverse student needs with less effort.

Familiarize students with digital environments ahead of the new online state tests: TeacherMade’s 15+ auto-graded digital question types are just like those found on many of the new online state tests, so day-to-day lessons help students with test prep, too. You can even download TeacherMade practice sheets for some state tests. 

According to Amanda M., a 7th grade Teacher in Oklahoma, “As large as our class sizes have become, it is hard to keep all students focused. But they willingly engage with TeacherMade digital activities! So now all I do is use TeacherMade’s monitoring and feedback tools to address student needs in real-time. I can reach each individual student as they work.” Elena B., who teaches French in grades 2-8, says “All in all, TeacherMade makes it easy for me to assign work to my students, check their progress, and hold them accountable for finishing their work. In my experience as a teacher, it is far easier to use than other online options. It is also easier to keep things organized on TeacherMade.”

For educators whose classes are getting bigger – or who just want to spend less time on grading and busywork – check out TeacherMade’s 30-day free trial.

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  • Veena Reddy


    Such a cool tool for teachers. Will greatly help them engage better with students

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