DisplayNote Broadcast

Used by educators and learners worldwide, DisplayNote Broadcast is a web-based screen sharing tool that allows educators to share their PC screen to students’ devices in real-time so students have better access and engagement with the lesson material. 
No need to ask if everyone can see the board, or questions from students asking teachers to show something again; everyone has the same access to the material, no matter where they sit or their level of vision.
Smart, built-in tools allow students to zoom in, capture screenshots of the content, and add handwritten annotations. This enables them to come back to the lesson material at a later stage, facilitating self-paced learning. Plus, educators can add live annotations to their material while screen sharing, drawing attention to important points.
Broadcast integrates with Google Classroom, allowing educators to share the session link directly with their class in just a few clicks. This reduces confusion and saves time. Educators can also capture their annotated Broadcast slides and add them to a Google Slide presentation, making it easy to save and distribute customized content with the class.

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