Show Me the Evidence! Reimagining EdTech Product Efficacy

To best serve our students, we need to provide robust education research on what works for whom and how. How can edtech providers be a part of this solution? You can find out and learn more at a special webinar addressing exactly that, on October 6, 2022 at 3 pm ET. An expert panel includes Katrina Stevens, President & CEO, The Tech Interactive; Sunil Gundiera, Chief Innovation Officer, Head of Mastery & Adaptive Products, Age of Learning; Bart Epstein, President & CEO, EdTech Evidence Exchange; and Mary Styers, PhD, Director of Research, LearnPlatform. 

A description of the webinar:

Education programs, resources, and tools have an essential role in teaching and learning, amplified due to the ramifications of the pandemic, the injection of stimulus funding, and the increased demand for demonstrating impact. With these motivations comes a renewed focus on evidence-based interventions. Providers have critical data available at their fingertips, data that can help researchers, leaders, and others in the field determine how to elevate student learning and success. A universal research blueprint based on a common research language will help all stakeholders understand what kind of data needs to be collected and how to align it to really serve the needs of practitioners, researchers, and state and district leaders. Join our webinar to understand how the Blueprint can fit your organization’s research needs! October 6, 2022 at 3 pm Eastern Time (US and Canada). Learn more


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