Superintendents Want Access to More Data

Access to data enables district superintendents to make decisions for the students and schools they serve. A national poll from the Data Quality Campaign and AASA, The School Superintendents Association surveyed district superintendents to find out how they are using data to support their students and schools. Superintendents shared that data is an important part of their decision making, providing insights about student and school performance and instilling confidence that their students are on track for success. But whether it is provided by schools or their state, superintendents want access to more data. A full 98% of superintendents feel that if they had better access to information, they would be more confident in their abilities to make decisions for their district.

And 99% of superintendents feel that state data could be more useful. Relevant state data could be made more useful with tools to help superintendents act on the information and more training and ongoing support for analyzing, reporting, and communicating the data. Learn more


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