Touted as a game-changer by districts across the country, ScribOrder is a secure online records processing and payment system that drastically shortens the time it takes for K-12 districts to respond to student records requests. It allows districts to process requests from students, alumni, families, and third-parties in minutes instead of days. People can request and verify records directly through the platform 24/7, which also means records staff are no longer inundated with verification calls and in-person requests.

ScribOrder reduces the security risks that come with paper or PDF-based records-processing systems. Its secure, FERPA-compliant online platform utilizes identity authentication to gather, automate and protect student data. It requires electronic and digital signatures and file uploads for supporting documents such as a copy of a driver’s license, which adds another layer of security.

ScribOrder provides convenience for payments as well because people pay for the records directly through the ScribOrder platform rather than writing a check to a school. Because districts can set pricing for records requests and keep the proceeds, ScribOrder is also a convenient way for districts to generate revenue. And, districts can add an option allowing users to donate to the district education foundation which is a great way to reach alumni when they request records. Learn more


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