Here’s a big piece of edtech that universities and colleges might be looking for: it’s called BibliU and, among its many benefits — it could help increase college enrollment, reduce student costs by 30% or more, and increase learning rates. BibliU’s platform better enables higher education institutions to automate learning content workflows and improve student outcomes, providing digital textbooks, monographs, and courseware more cost-effectively than before. If the future of higher ed lies in providing students affordable access to class content, the leadership behind this company have built partnerships with thousands of publishers to deliver millions of digital learning resources to students and faculty, earnestly dedicating their efforts to making learning more equitable, effective, and efficient. Designed for students, faculty, libraries, and publishers, BibliU is what you might call a “learning enablement platform” that empowers higher education institutions to streamline their textbook and courseware workflows to achieve greater student outcomes, affordability, and thus social mobility. With BibliU, colleges and universities might finally deliver on the promise of digitalization, ensuring students have first-day access to the learning content they need. Sounds good—and it is—but you’ve really got to have a look for yourself. Learn more.


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