AI Coach by Edthena

While the terms “AI” and “virtual coach” might conjure up images of teachers talking to futuristic robots and forgoing the human-centric and collaborative work of being an educator, the professional learning process with AI Coach by Edthena is much different.

This first-of-its-kind app uses artificial intelligence to guide teachers through a coaching cycle as they engage in self-reflection on their teaching effectiveness. This supports teachers to accelerate their professional learning and strengthen their in-person collaboration with colleagues and coaches. If you’re a principal or district administrator, AI Coach enables you to provide teachers with more coaching and support, ultimately addressing teacher turnover and improving student achievement.

So how exactly does AI Coach work? While inside the AI Coach platform, teachers have a private conversation with Edie, their computer-powered coach. Edie asks teachers about their professional goals, and then teachers analyze videos of their classroom instruction areas for growth. This includes adding time-stamped comments identifying strengths and improvement areas on their uploaded teaching video.

Edie takes a guide-on-the-side approach while teachers create an action plan to increase their impact on students. Teachers develop a short-term goal, identify a strategy for change, and commit to a timeline for classroom implementation. And just like with an in-person coach, if teachers feel stuck, Edie provides ideas for the teachers to consider or to help them learn more.

The AI Coach platform personalizes the coaching cycle for each teacher’s self-identified growth areas. For example, if a teacher indicates they are interested in improving “use of academic language,” the AI Coach platform provides related observation tips for their video analysis. Then, when it’s time for the teacher to develop a strategy for making progress on their goal, the platform offers curated content with strategies and ideas to help the teacher learn more specifically about “use of academic language.”

This evidence-based process complements the efforts of school leaders and instructional coaches, as well as enables teachers to receive the benefits of coaching and continued professional learning in-between their person-to-person coaching and mentoring conversations. You can try it for free here.

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