Reading Horizons Discovery

Reading Horizons has launched the next generation of Reading Horizons Discovery®, which pairs multisensory methods with a tech-enabled delivery system to help educators deliver effective foundational reading skills rooted in the science of reading.

The new Reading Horizons Discovery provides engaging, accessible, grade-specific lessons that educators use to guide K–3 students in mastering foundational reading skills. A simplified scope and sequence that integrates phonics and phonemic awareness supports mastery, while instant and actionable data informs instruction to help build student confidence and momentum on the path to becoming proficient readers.

Automatic grouping based on mastery, along with extension and intervention lessons, make small-group and differentiated instruction quick and easy, while embedded training videos in every lesson reduce teacher prep time. By helping teachers pace lessons, monitor student mastery, and ensure instructional equity, the new Reading Horizons Discovery empowers educators to teach foundational reading skills that students can apply in all subjects.

Reading Horizons Discovery features impact-maximizing resources, such as teacher-designed lesson plans and student-friendly software that help educators recognize concerns in real time, then respond with resources proven to help. Wraparound training and support from certified facilitators helps teachers to quickly embrace existing resources, then go above and beyond to offer creative solutions as unique needs arise. With turnkey lesson plans and software that tracks student progress in real time, teachers can be more efficient and effective, and free to focus their attention where it’s most needed. Learn more.


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