InsightMath from MIND Research Institute

The InsightMath curriculum transforms student learning by teaching math in a way that mimics the mind’s way of learning, equipping all students to succeed. Created by MIND Research Institute, a nonprofit education research and neuroscience organization dedicated to ensuring that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems, this particular tool builds on the success of the award-winning ST Math program and a quarter century of research.

Flipping the script from ‘how do we teach?’ to ‘how do we learn?, InsightMath is designed to capitalize on scientific findings that learning is deeper when it’s built from within rather than transferred from elsewhere. From the perception-action cycle to the schema-building potential of student discourse, InsightMath empowers teachers to apply the latest research in their classrooms, thus equipping all students to tackle challenging math problems and build lasting conceptual understanding.

Designed with the belief that every student, teacher, administrator, family member, and community member should be able to see themselves in math because it is from everywhere, in everything, and for everyone, InsightMath empowers students to become knowers, doers, and sense-makers of mathematics. Students embrace creativity to explain their thinking as InsightMath encourages them to use their own perception and insights to solve problems. This puts students in a position to act as mathematical resources for each other as they share strategies and build on one another’s ideas.

InsightMath is designed to transform math instruction for teachers through embedded professional learning that teaches strategies related to evidence-based math instruction. Knowing the science of math helps teachers overcome any math anxiety they might have. Parents become facilitators by asking probing questions to guide students through their homework instead of simply showing them how to solve a problem. Learn more.


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