Ello is possibly the world’s first AI reading coach that works with real books. When a child pulls a book off their bookshelf, Ello sits next to them on their tablet as their expert teacher who coaches them when they get stuck, and their playful friend who makes reading fun.

Children learning to read are encouraged to spend 20 minutes a day at home reading out loud; for many children this is a frustrating and difficult experience. This cool tool combines real books with artificial intelligence technology and uses evidence-based reading instruction to help them when they get stuck and motivates them to keep going.

The model is a monthly book subscription where each month you’re shipped five books to read with Ello. At month’s end, families ship the books back using the prepaid envelope; a digital only version is in development to further expand access.

With world-class AI technology, “We beat Google Cloud speech APIs by 30% on the task of tracking a child’s reading,” says Tom Sayer, CEO of Ello, “This allows us to create the human, social interface that makes Ello so engaging. We believe books are the portal to lifelong learning, and when children make a personal connection with a real book their natural, joyful curiosity flourishes. Ello doesn’t just boost a child’s reading skills, it also puts them on a path to love reading. And when they do they enter a virtuous cycle of reading and learning,” he says. Ello earned a Cool Tool Award finalist spot for “Best AI Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2022 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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