OgStar Reading

For schools implementing a reading program, this cool tool helps with the entire process, from choosing how to access the program to providing teacher training. It’s also set up for parents helping their children. OgStar Reading is a patented, technologically advanced app with handwriting recognition feedback, speech recognition feedback, audio-visual synchronization, voice-over correction feedback, and built-in word pronunciation features. Helping to build foundational skills for all developing readers, every step of every lesson is research-based and designed for independent learning. The platform includes built-in mini-games and rewards to keep students motivated and engaged. ​Data collection is available for schools, teachers, and parents that describes student performance and progress over time. A multi-sensory, structured literacy game helps students of all ages to independently develop evidence-based literacy skills, in accordance with the scientific standards recommended by the National Reading Panel indicating the best ways to teach reading. With years worth of curriculum available, it’s worth a look. See OgStar founders Stephanie and Fran talk about how and why they developed it by scrolling down to the home page video. Learn more


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