The European Edtech Map: Insight Report

Beth Havinga is co-founder and Managing Director of the European Edtech Alliance, which recently published their inaugural EdTech Insights Report, a snapshot of the 1,258 companies which contributed to the European Edtech Map in 2022. The report highlights key trends to help lead important discussions about the future of the European edtech ecosystem. Find out what country European edtechs expand to first, which city is a hotspot for edtech development within Europe, and more about gender parity in funding and teams. A takeaway from the report: while there is so much action within the European system and thousands of initiatives in development, there is still much room for growth: sustainable structures, gender parity and funding possibilities, and support for smaller-sized organizations are all areas that will see continued focus throughout 2023 and beyond. Follow Beth’s work on LinkedIn. The still nascent European edtech ecosystem is an exciting place and continues to develop at a rapid pace—this report is worth a good look. Learn more



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