This tool provides personalized reading comprehension exercises for K-12 and ESL students. Claiming 18 million students, 700,000 teachers, and 40,000 schools around the world as benefitting from the program, its purpose is to improve reading comprehension through adaptive, effective, easy, and fun reading exercises and worksheets. Started in 2010 in a classroom by a teacher who struggled to find materials that were actually appropriate for the levels of his students (he decided to just make the resources himself), ReadTheory has grown tremendously since those early days. A team of writers and engineers have worked tirelessly to bring teachers everywhere what they’re really looking for. This teacher-focused approach (video here) goes far in eliminating achievement gaps and improving state assessments for districts, and 89% of teachers report students are engaged and interested when using it. Features include the ability to teach multiple reading levels, save time with automatic marking, easy-to-use reporting, access thousands of exercises, and win prizes and build class culture through competitions, badges and prizes. It’s free with various premium options, and you can try it right on the home page by scrolling down and experiencing it for yourself. Learn more.     


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