Pivot Interactives

Pivot Interactives, which joined the Discovery Education family of services in 2022, makes teaching science with active learning and scientific phenomena engaging and easy. Launched in 2012 by two visionary educators Peter Bohacek and Matt Vonk (see interview), the platform provides users with more than 10,000 authentic, interactive video-based science activities crafted by Pivot’s expert curriculum team and teacher community. These resources, tied to state and national standards, are infused with research-based teaching practices and are simple to integrate throughout the instructional cycle. Activities offer opportunities for students to explore and learn for themselves. The service’s built-in tools—including IRIS TM, a first-of-its-kind color and light gauge—make for quick and accurate measurements. A unique interface allows students to change what happens in the video and see how that change affects the outcome. Easy to follow instructions guide students through data collection, measurement, data analysis, and interpretation, while feedback provided by both open-ended and auto-graded questions reinforces correct ideas. Learn more.



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