This cool tool is a web-based software program that enables campuses and districts to develop improvement plans that comply with state and federal laws and create measurable advancements in student performance.

Designed by educators for educators, Plan4Learning from 806 Technologies simplifies the improvement planning process by streamlining key steps and ensuring compliance across the board. With that taken care of, campuses are able to focus on a common vision, identify key needs, and develop strategies to impact results.

Tech trainers set the schools and the Local Educational Agency (LEA) up for success by beginning with high quality training. Trainers are really ‘improvement planning experts’ with extensive school administration experience. The trainers provide a wealth of ideas and strategies for writing dynamic improvement plans that directly impact students’ success.

This web-based improvement planning system allows the LEA and each school easy in-depth comprehensive needs assessment and improvement plan development. LEAs have all the tools they need within one software program to create dynamic improvement plans that impact student achievement.

With 15 years of improvement planning experience and over 50,000 school leaders annually using Plan4Learning to manage thousands of Campus Improvement Plans (CIPs) and District Improvement Plans (DIPs), the system is able to provide comprehensive, detailed support that greatly contributes toward each school’s and the LEAs’ success. Plan4Learning was a Cool Tool Award Finalist for “Best Administrative Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2022 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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