Powered by AI, VirtualAdvisor customizes the entire student financial aid and enrollment experience. Institutions using VirtualAdvisor provide fast, personalized answers to routine student questions about financial aid; whenever and wherever students need them. This is critical because students are often online and looking for answers outside of the financial aid office’s nine-to-five hours.

VirtualAdvisor (from CampusLogic, powered by Ellucian) is among the few if not the only AI-powered virtual assistants in higher ed that enables student-centric conversations, thanks to seamless integrations with CRM, SIS and ERP systems.

The solution gives colleges and universities visibility into personalized advising efforts and empowers students to get their financial aid, enrollment, and admissions questions answered 24/7, in more than 60 languages. With the use of AI-driven sentiment analysis, this tool understands student satisfaction and offers unparalleled support, especially when compared to a standard college chatbot. This functionality helps free up financial aid staff to spend more time involved in 1-to-1 advising, which supports students more holistically, particularly at-risk students.

Human financial aid advisors are alerted to step in when in-person intervention with a student is necessary. VirtualAdvisor intuitively gives thoughtful, actionable nudges that drive financial aid completion of required steps toward successful enrollment. For these reasons and more, VirtualAdvisor earned a Cool Tool Award Finalist for “Best AI Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2022 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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