Remind Tutoring

Here’s a cool tool that meets students where they are, both academically and physically, via online tutoring. It’s called Remind Tutoring, and its tutors, most of whom are licensed teachers hired after a rigorous interview process featuring subject exams and sample sessions, tailor each session to the individual student’s needs. Online sessions with flexible scheduling mean students can get help no matter where or when they’re studying, provided they have an internet connection.

The service is available for all math subjects in grades 2–12 and English language arts subjects for grades 1-6. Available directly to families as well as to schools and districts, it’s is aligned to state standards and classroom curricula.

To get started, students tell Remind what their goals are; they’re then paired with an appropriate tutor, who they can chat with through the platform prior to their first session. Students can send homework or notes so their tutor understands where they need help. When it’s time for tutoring, students receive a link to a video call with an interactive whiteboard to talk through material and solve problems with their tutor. After each session, tutors send students and any identified caregivers a session summary complete with next steps. Students come back to the same tutor over and over again, gaining confidence and building positive learning habits and a supportive relationship.

Tutoring is built on the same platform as Remind Chat, so students and families are already familiar with Remind. Tutoring integrates with Remind Hub, so administrators can take advantage of communication features to set up logistics and notifications for the program.

No matter where students are, Remind Chat allows teachers to easily message individual students, all students, families, classes, teams, and study groups. Students and families opt in with a single text, and Remind Chat integrates with teacher workflows through app integrations.

Remind Hub offers administrators two-way texting with automatic translation into more than 90 languages. With privacy protections built specifically for education, easy onboarding, and the ability to schedule messages ahead of time, Remind Hub makes it easy for administrators to reach all of their stakeholders wherever they are. With Remind, familiarity, ease of use, communication, continuity, and community all support increased student engagement and better outcomes for users. Learn more


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