Zutobi Driver’s Ed Course

Here’s a cool tool that literally puts learners in the driver’s seat: an easy, affordable online Driver Education resource that teaches new drivers everything there is about driving and driver safety. All courses are created by experts in education—and gamified to make them fun and engaging. Courses are offered in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, France, and Germany, and tailored to the specific traffic laws and regulations in each country and/or state. The company behind the course is called Zutobi, and they believe that so many accidents due to driver errors could be avoided by properly educating drivers on rules of the road. Current driver’s education systems were “very antiquated. The lessons were lackluster. The content was uninspiring. Even the handbooks were huge boring walls of text,” according to the company’s founders, five Swedish brothers (David, Tim, Leo, Joel and Lucas Waldenbäck). “Even if the students managed to memorize the facts for a test, it did not inspire memory retention for the real world. After the test, many driving safety practices were simply forgotten. We decided to fix that and founded Zutobi.” They launched their driver’s ed course in 2018, and by 2019 they were one of the biggest driver’s ed programs on the App Store—check it out for yourself and you’ll see why. Learn more


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