Edtech Evidence Takes Flight—with Lots of Room for Progress

There are thousands of edtech solutions—in fact, LearnPlatform cataloged over 11,000 in their LearnPlatform Community Library. With so many tools in the market, it is challenging to know which are safe, which “play nice” with other systems, which are compliant with regulations and policies, which are eligible to be purchased using federal funds, and which will have the most impact for which students in which context. LearnPlatform wanted to know how the 100 most-accessed solutions in K-12 classrooms stack up, so they looked at the evidence from reputable third-party organizations that is publicly available across key domains of privacy, interoperability, other certifications and effectiveness. In their 2023 EdTech Evidence Mid-Year Report, they looked at the 100 learner-focused and educator-focused solutions most frequently accessed by students and educators in the first half of the 2022-23 school year (August 1 – December 31, 2022). You’ll definitely want to see this, broken down by category of solution, to get a good idea of true usage and need. They also took a hard look at data privacy, efficacy, interoperability (that’s the “plays nice with other systems” part mentioned above), and finally, a straight out (alphabetically-ordered) list of the 100 most-accessed systems. Their report is based on 23B+ interactions, 2.8m+ students, 326,000+ educators, and 11,000+ edtech tools. Learn more.


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