This cool tool makes learning engaging for all students by putting them in the position of not passively consuming content—but actively creating it! Creaza enables students of all ages to easily create cartoons, videos, podcasts, mind maps, and presentations. Creaza contains three different tools: Cartoonist, Mindomo, and AudioEditor.

In Cartoonist, students create cartoons, videos, and digital stories. Cartoonist has a large built-in library consisting of text elements, backgrounds, characters, props, images, sound effects, music, and video clips. It covers a wide range of subjects and topics, including democracy, religion, biology, chemistry, physics, history, everyday life, and even fairy tales. The built-in content can be be combined with the students’ own recordings and uploaded images, video clips, and audio clips.

In Mindomo, students collaborate in real-time or work individually to create mind maps and presentations with text, links, videos, audio, and images. They can combine content from the web with the built-in library and their own uploaded files.

In AudioEditor, students work with audio productions such as podcasts. They can record themselves directly in the tool and add music and sound effects from the built-in library.

Creaza contains hundreds of ready-made activities related to different subjects and topics. Teachers can easily assign activities to their students, follow their work, comment, and give feedback along the way.

For these reasons and more, Creaza earned top honors with a Cool Tool Award for “Best Arts, Music, or Creative Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. See videos of it here and here. Learn more



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