Anatomage Science Table


This cool tool brings science learning out of the textbook and into real (3D) life. Using Anatomage’s highly accurate medical virtualization technology, the Science Table was created to transform complex scientific concepts into captivating science experiments. The Science Table features virtual science experiments showcased on a 6.5-foot touchscreen for easy interaction, making it an essential resource for STEM classrooms. 

By using 3D simulations, students can engage in immersive science experiments, allowing them to explore, visualize, and comprehend complex natural processes that may be abstract and difficult to understand otherwise. Virtual science experiments eliminate the need for time-consuming and expensive cleanup and preparation in traditional labs, enabling students to focus solely on their learning and experimentation.

The Science Table currently offers a range of virtual experiments covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These experiments are designed to simulate complex scenarios that may be difficult to replicate in real-life settings. For example, the virtual microscopy allows students to explore cellular events happening inside an organism, while the atomic models offer a visual representation of the composition of atoms. The double-slit experiment, on the other hand, enables students to investigate the wave-like properties of light by passing it through single and double slits.

The Science Table is a part of Anatomage’s virtual anatomy and science experiments platforms. Founded in 2004 by Jack Choi, Anatomage now offers everything from virtual dissection to 3D science experiments to veterinary anatomy with more than 3,100 Anatomagesystems installed worldwide, everywhere from middle schools to medical schools. Learn more


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