Just Released 1EDTECH Report: Leading Innovation to Power Learner Potential

In 2006, the consortium that is now 1EDTECH featured 50 member organizations. Today, nearly 900 organizations are participating from 28 countries. According to their just-released 2022 Annual Report (a review of the past year), “Leading Innovation to Power Learner Potential,” their growth as an organization has only been accelerating, especially in these last few years.

“Much of this is due to the unique partnership between our institutional members—spanning K-12 school districts, states, and higher education institutions—and our supplier members,” according to the report. “At the end of 2022, 864 member organizations worldwide were engaged in 1EdTech, working together to pave the way for edtech innovation and trust across the ecosystem.”

Through CEO Rob Abel’s steady leadership, the organization has grown 11% in revenues over the past 17 years, with an over 18% increase in membership. This is their first annual report as the 1EdTech Consortium (they were formerly known as IMS Global Learning). “Thank you to our many supporters around the world who have made our brand launch a huge success! The 1EdTech brand arose from our community’s united commitment and central role in enabling the foundation for an open, trusted, and innovative edtech ecosystem based upon the many breakthrough accomplishments of our members over our 25-year history,” writes Abel.

Through their collaborative community, the organization accelerates the adoption of open standards-based products, enabling edtech ecosystems with better usability, rapid innovation, and lower cost. Suppliers that fully embrace the ecosystem save millions of dollars on engineering and development costs while becoming more responsive to the needs of their customers. The 1EdTech ecosystem—now nearing 10,000 certified products—works better together, opening up new vistas for educators and learners. The report is available online. Learn more 


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