Credentialate from Edalex

Tackling challenges around skills and employability, with personalized evidence of skills, is what this company and their cool tool is all about.

Globally, 75% of employers face a talent shortage, according to a recent survey. While companies and institutions are increasingly focused on skills, only 33% of graduates feel comfortable voicing their skills. With increased competition for roles, learners must be able to voice and evidence their skills.

Credentialate is a platform (from Tasmania-based edtech company Edalex) that discovers and shares evidence of workplace skills, arising from learning. Learners receive a personalized Evidence Record with qualitative, quantitative and file-based feedback generated from existing assessment data from third-party platforms.

The Credentialate Evidence Record can be embedded in a digital badge, enabling further portability and verification. Prospective employers can view evidence demonstrating a learner’s workplace skills. Institutions can surface insights and trends on learner performance, skills and alignment – not only for those who are excelling but also those still developing their skills.

Credentialate is unique with its ability to extract meaningful personalized insights from the hundreds of millions of learner assessment records previously locked away inside other platforms. Credentialate was informed by a multi-year micro-credential research project from the University of New South Wales.

Edalex received a government grant from the Victorian Government to conduct an efficacy study on Credentialate. Partnering with the University of Melbourne, the University of Dayton and Education Design Lab, our core research focused Credentialate’s impact on learners’ confidence in expressing their skills (recalling only 33% were confident in an earlier study). The impact: 76% of surveyed learners reported an increase in their confidence.

For these reasons and more, Credentialate from Edalex was is a a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Badging/Credentialing Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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