CoSN Leadership Report

It’s out: CoSN (Consortium for School Networking) just released some required reading for edtech leaders with their tenth installment of the CoSN 2023 State of EdTech Leadership report. According to the report, “What hasn’t changed over time is the goal of CoSN’s annual survey—to give our community a national perspective on the EdTech landscape, the challenges EdTech Leaders face, and the successes they have had.” CoSN also uses the survey results in making resource development decisions. Learn how this year’s tenth annual edition offers unique insight into the challenges that K-12 edtech leaders have faced over the past year. Over the past decade, edtech leaders’ efforts to modernize their districts’ digital ecosystems are reflected in faster connection speeds, ubiquity of mobile learning, and increased adoption of technology purchasing best practices. However, they’re now facing a unique set of challenges. Learn more


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