Udemy Business

Udemy Business is a consumer-first, on-demand corporate learning solution that offers fresh, relevant learning anytime, anywhere, through an online collection of high-quality courses taught by real-world experts.

Learning is more critical than ever before as organizations are undergoing a massive shift and are looking to keep pace with innovation while navigating an ongoing battle for relevance. Udemy Business supplies organizations with access to thousands of courses across 14 languages, covering a wide range of topics from data analysis to leadership to help close existing skills gaps. With the recent launch of Udemy Business Pro, a premium add-on feature, organizations can access new in-product tools built to guide experiences focused on teaching and challenging learners, including role paths, skills assessments and hands-on labs oriented toward roles that drive companies’ innovation and business outcomes.

To help organizations measure the impact of Udemy Business on their company, Udemy launched their proprietary Skills Insights Dashboard. This feature leverages content consumption data to help leaders understand their employee’s learning priorities. With this data, organizations have helped increase employee engagement and combat quiet quitting. For example, Udemy Business customer Booz Allen Hamilton experienced a 93% retention rate for graduates of their learning program with 65% of learners reporting an increase in productivity.

As organizations continue shifting toward remote-first environments with an increasing need to fill skills gaps faster by looking internally, more than 12,500 organizations are using Udemy Business to help their employees learn in the flow of work. For these reasons and more, Udemy Business is the Winner of a Cool Tool Award for “Best Corporate Training Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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