Edmentum Courseware

For over 60 years, Courseware has offered best in class, continuous learning with depth, breadth, and flexibility. Today, Courseware’s robust, high-quality, customizable curriculum supports teacher-led classroom instruction, effective virtual learning, and impactful blended support. Helping to meet a variety of needs, Courseware is used to help students get back on track with first-time credit to supercharge learning with standards-aligned, multimodal instruction in a 21st century flipped, flex, or otherwise blended classroom, as well as credit recovery. Exemptive pretests ensure that students are met where they are at academically, and engaging, scaffolded instruction keeps students motivated to recover skills, units, or entire credits.

Edmentum’s core courses cover all four core subjects for every year of middle and high school. This includes traditional core courses such as Algebra and Biology and specialized courses such as Financial Mathematics, Business English, and Integrated Physics and Chemistry.

Students and teachers alike receive proven, high-quality online courses that support the places and ways they learn and teach. Edmentum Courseware provides a robust library of over 400 highly customizable, standards-aligned courses for students in grades 6–12 to help educators meet students where they are and progress them toward meeting their first-time credit and credit recovery needs at the time, place, and pace that’s right for them.

The courses are rigorous, relevant, and aligned to state and national standards, covering core, elective, CTE, world language, and AP subjects to prepare students for their next step whether that’s post-secondary education or the workforce. For these reasons and more, Edmentum Courseware earned a Cool Tool Award (finalist) for “Best Digital Courseware Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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