Fiction Express

Fiction Express (FE) is an award-winning literacy resource designed to improve all areas of literacy: reading; writing; spelling, punctuation and grammar; and speaking and listening. FE improves poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading through the power of a unique, deeply engaging experience of co-creation between pupils and authors.

FE excels in several areas including:

(1) Product: FE has reinvented book publishing and reading by turning a traditional linear process into a circular process, creating a truly engaging and interactive learning experience by leveraging technology to improve learning outcomes.

(2) Continuous innovation: During the last two years the company has implemented significant product innovations, amongst them (a) the new book forum, which allows students to improve their written expression and enhances student-author interaction, (b) completely overhauled pupil tracking for teachers and schools to measure learning outcomes, (c) the launch of FE audiobooks to enhance English Language Training (ELT) in schools worldwide, and (d) the launch of paper copies (print-on-demand), following feedback from many teachers.

(3) Strong sales growth: Over the last years, FE has shown exponential growth, increasing sales by 48x since 2017, reaching over £2m in 2022.

By the end of last year, FE will have been used by over 500,000 pupils in more than 5,000 schools in 25 countries.

For these reasons and more, Fiction Express earned Cool Tool Awards for “Best Literacy/Reading Solution” and “Best E-learning, Blended, Flipped or Remote Solution” (finalists) as well as an EdTech Trendsetter Award for “Product or Service Setting a Trend” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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