2023 Report: EdTech Top 40

The latest from LearnPlatform is out in the form of The EdTech Top 40 report. The EdTech Top 40 represents the edtech solutions accessed by the most students and educators across the United States from September 1, 2022 and May 31, 2023, as tracked by LearnPlatform by Instructure. The EdTech Top 40 Report shares the latest on the use of digital solutions, tools, and resources in K-12 districts across the country, as well as insights on usage trends and categorical rankings. In presenting the data, the authors hope the K-12 community can use this information to gain context for their own edtech use and make more informed instructional, operational, and budget decisions.

The findings of the EdTech Top 40 Report for the 2022-23 school year are based on 57bn+ interactions, 3m+ students, 465k+ educators, and 9,000+ edtech products.

In assembling the data, the authors also pose pertinent questions for education leaders.

TOP OF MIND QUESTIONS. In response to the findings outlined in the Edtech Top 40 Report, the following questions remain top of mind:

  • While the number of edtech tools teachers and students use is decreasing, how will organizations best serve the increasingly diverse ecosystem of tools required to reach teachers and learners?


  • Does the rise of learner-focused tools reinforce that learning is human- centered but increasingly tech-enabled?


  • How can education leaders continue to work to safeguard student data privacy?


  • How quickly will new ESSA evidence requirements and visible research impact purchasing, renewal, and product development decisions?


  • With the advent of AI, will K-12 solution providers who incorporate into existing highly used solutions continue to grow, or will new AI tools disrupt incumbents in future years? 


Source: LearnPlatform by Instructure

The authors write that the edtech engagement data surfaced in this report highlights the need for further conversations between stakeholders across the K-12 landscape. They have thus outlined three key takeaways and related actions to consider in support of that work, which you can find in the report.

Their perspective and considerations for the K-12 community, drawn from their research, can serve leaders well and—besides its simple transparency in terms of relevant data points—the report is an excellent guidepost on the journey forward in efforts to advance technology that enhances learning. Learn more.  



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