Zoom Whiteboard


This cool tool is a modern digital canvas that provides a unified solution for collaboration and creation within the Zoom platform. Users can interact with the Whiteboard from a Zoom Meeting, on their mobile device, or in-person on a Zoom Rooms for Touch appliance, creating more visually engaging and efficient collaboration. Additionally, students and teachers can use sticky notes to jot down any information that comes to mind during a lesson or any other time.

With global institutions embracing hybrid education environments across industries–and 46 of the top 50 global universities ranked by U.S. News using Zoom–there is an increased need for solutions that seamlessly foster ideation and teamwork among co-located and distributed students and faculty. Whiteboard offers smart connectors, sticky notes, drawing tools and comments to brainstorm fast and efficiently with touch support, infinite canvas and the ability to add external images.

Zoom’s existing platform integrates with Whiteboard giving everyday Zoom users an advantage when collaborating. This allows educators and learners to use the Whiteboard virtual hub to create engaging and efficient meeting experiences—from anywhere. Whiteboards are designed to work across all supported Zoom hardware platforms, from laptops to in-room, full-size Zoom Rooms for Touch devices.

Now that the future of equitable higher education is hybrid and frequently online only, Whiteboard provides a solution for collaboration that is ideal for seamless use in-person and remote via a unified space for collaboration that provides a means to visually structure ideas and collaborate on persistent online Whiteboards. For these reasons and more, Zoom Whiteboard earned a Cool Tool Award (finalist) for “Best E-learning, Blended, Flipped or Remote Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023. Learn more.    


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