TeachMe TV

Here we have an educational web-based platform that delivers original interactive standards-aligned content to both families and teachers enabling them to empower their children and students with the educational tools and strategies needed to succeed in an ever changing world. TeachMe TV focuses on core subjects like language arts, math and introductory science as well as offering enrichment activities in music and art. All of their activities seek to teach kids/students to ask questions, develop strategies for learning and become life-long learners. The people behind this platform understand that peers are as important to kids’ learning as much as their teachers and parents. They’ve included in their offerings not only sound interactive activities, video games and video lessons, but lessons from kids just like other kids all over the country and select areas around the world. Technology and children can be a scary proposition because of things like TikTok and Instagram, platforms that can actively harm children through misleading, inappropriate and sometimes dangerous content. TeachMe TV is aiming to shift the paradigm and mix media and education in novel and positive ways. They have video lessons in science, dance, math, writing and music. For these reasons and more, TeachMe TV earned earned Cool Tool Awards (finalist) for “Best E-learning” and “Best Parent/Student Solution” and a Trendsetter Award (finalist) as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more





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