FabuLingua is a second-language learning platform for early childhood based on interactive stories created by native speaking storytellers. 

Their secret learning sauce is Magical Translations™*, a method where the native and foreign language narration are rhythmically interwoven to enable natural language development while keeping the child engaged and focused on the content. 

Research on Second Language Acquistion by Dr. Stephen Krashen, Prof Emeritus USC, indicates that exposure to natural, comprehensible language input in a low-stress environment are the most important factors in new-language acquisition. 

Through Magical Translations™, FabuLingua’s storytelling platform is designed to take full advantage of the “magical window” of early childhood, when children best learn languages to which they are exposed. 

FabuLingua enables storytellers to create, publish and be compensated for their stories in multiple languages. 

Available via subscription on AppStore, GooglePlay or the web, kids and parents can dive into a growing collection of beautiful stories full of fun characters while being exposed to the Magical Translation™ method. Each story progresses through multiple learning modes that integrate gaming concepts to enhance engagement and encourage practice. Free play and creativity are inspired by their Magic Sticker book reward system where kids can design and share their own pages based on the characters of stories they love.

FabuLingua exists because a group of parents were aware of the significant benefits of learning a second language, and the power of learning it during early childhood, but were frustrated with the grind and ineffectiveness of existing solutions. For these reasons and more, Fabulingua earned a Cool Tool Award (finalist) for “Best Language Learning Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 frrom EdTech Digest. Learn more


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