Reading Horizons Discovery


Literacy is the key to so much of life—you could say, all of it! Here’s a cool tool that opens the door for early learners: Reading Horizons, a company committed to empowering educators to eradicate illiteracy, has unveiled the next generation of Reading Horizons Discovery®. The Reading Horizons multisensory method, paired with a new tech-enabled lesson delivery system, helps educators deliver effective, science-based reading instruction.

This cool tool provides engaging, accessible, grade-specific lessons to guide K–3 students to support them in mastering foundational reading skills such as phonemic awareness and phonics. Phonemic awareness, phonics, and spelling is designed for teaching at a developmentally appropriate pace and tightly aligned to standards and the science of reading. This streamlines planning and lesson delivery for teachers. The new program provides instant and actionable data to inform instruction, building student confidence. Teachers receive immediate feedback and data to help them plan, with a simplified scope and sequence available at the touch of a button, saving educators time and energy.

It also automatically groups students based on mastery for small-group instruction and provides extension and dynamic grouping for differentiation based on continual real-time assessment data. To reduce teacher prep time, lesson-embedded support videos are available at the start of each new lesson.

By helping teachers with lesson pacing and monitoring student mastery, the new Reading Horizons Discovery offers instructional equity and empowers educators to teach foundational literacy skills that students can apply in all subjects. Learn more.


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