Game-changing AI Tools for Every Classroom


When a pioneer in education technology recommends these AI tools for education, it’s worth having a closer look. “In case you missed it, education was revolutionized over the last Christmas holidays,” says Gary Stager, author of a new white paper, Game-changing AI Tools for Every Classroom that he collaborated on with Celeste Silverwind. “Since the release of ChatGPT3,” Stager writes, “social and traditional media have been consumed with the promise and peril of (say it in an ominous and echoey voice) ‘AI in Education.’ Since it is irresponsible to build pens around children or sequester them from their world, educators should find constructive ways to embrace emerging opportunities to amplify human potential by incorporating new technology in purposeful teaching strategies. That said, artificial intelligence (AI) need neither be greeted with hype or hysteria. Sometimes AI is just software.” The white paper focuses on four AI-enhanced software environments — Authory, Descriptor,, and Scribe — and explores how they might be applied within a K-12 educational context by both students and educators. There’s more insight and recommendations, including a must-read book list. Learn more



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