A Major Shift is Happening in Schools Right Now: Are You Ready?


Amidst the backdrop of ongoing teacher shortages, expiring ESSER funds, and the formidable rise of artificial intelligence, the Classroom of the Future Report 2023 takes a look at key trends in edtech that will shape teaching and learning this school year – and beyond. This year “promises a blend of challenges and opportunities that will redefine the K-12 education landscape. While we can’t offer a crystal ball to predict what’s to come, our Classroom of the Future Report 2023 aims to chart a course through this uncertain terrain,” the report offers in its introduction. “Leveraging the collective wisdom of teachers, administrators, and edtech vendors from our annual survey, we offer five forward-looking trends that provide a glimpse into – what we envision to be – classrooms of the future.” 

Clever, a Kahoot! company—in partnership with Whiteboard Advisors, a leading communications, research and consulting firm—interviewed district leaders and conducted 
 a survey of 1,500 teachers and administrations from Clever’s user base. The survey included about 1,000 teachers and 500 administrators, representing mostly public schools (86% for teachers and 78% for administrators). Teachers surveyed skewed toward lower grades (nearly half were elementary educators), which is reflective of Clever’s teacher user base. For the first time, the survey also included perspectives from leading edtech vendors across the United States. 

According to the report, what started as a solution for virtual learning has become an indispensable element of classroom instruction. As the use of edtech continues to rise, these tools are playing an evergreen role in shaping teaching and learning: 52% of teachers and 65% of admins report an increase in the number of edtech tools being provided by their school or district. The report also details AI in the classroom, with administrators and educators chiming in with their thoughts about AI, ChatGPT, and their impact in education. Learn more.




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