A supplemental mathematics program designed to meet the diverse needs of early learners, Mathseeds helps pre-K–3 educators build students’ confidence and enthusiasm around math—reinforcing to students that math is for everyone.

This cool tool uses self-paced, interactive lessons, colourful animations and exciting rewards to foster an early love of mathematics in students. The lessons in Mathseeds are designed for grades pre-K–3 to ensure key concepts are mastered, and the progressive sequence of core math lessons help all students—no matter their backgrounds—begin at the right level and improve as they progress and grow as learners. Throughout, students complete end-of-lesson quizzes in Mathseeds, providing educators with data and a better understanding of each one of their student’s strengths, as well as where additional support is needed.

Focused on helping students build a solid understanding of foundational math concepts, each lesson in Mathseeds complements classroom instruction and is designed to ensure students grasp key concepts in-depth before moving on to different concepts and ideas.

Mathseeds, which meets ESSA requirements, helps educators engage and motivate their students with more than 2,500 evidence-based and curriculum-aligned resources and lesson plans. In addition, the Mathseeds team offers customized in-person or virtual professional learning opportunities for educators on a range of topics, including general pedagogy and best practices. Learn more.


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