PowerNotes+ is a reading, research, and writing platform designed to give educators and institutions control and confidence using artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom. At the same time, it helps K-12 institutions, educators, and students address questions of academic integrity using transparency and evidence, not suspicion.

The platform empowers students to show the progression of their work throughout the research and writing process. Educators can see the process unfold and assess student work early, offering formative feedback that helps students redirect their effort. This leads to less rework and frustration, as well as better student outcomes. This transparency also bolsters academic integrity when AI is used by creating an environment that disincentivizes cheating.

To allow faculty and students to use AI in a fully documented and transparent environment, PowerNotes Brainstorm™ uses a direct integration with ChatGPT and other large language models. All AI interactions in PowerNotes+ are documented and available for faculty review, but are anonymous to AI providers so student work is secure and cannot be used for training AI models.

PowerNotes+ connects to an institution’s learning management system, such as Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, and D2L Brightspace, as well as library resources including ProQuest and EBSCO (with optional integrations). This allows faculty to create scaffolded assignments for their students, provide library results during student Google searches, or directly open a chat with a librarian for assistance.

Every PowerNotes+ subscriber receives onboarding support, in-depth training sessions, a dedicated success manager, and direct access to PowerNotes’ academic experts. Learn more.


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