You Can Learn a Lot from an Exhibitor’s Floor Plan


In one of the most fascinating reads of the year, “The more we examine the Educause floor plan data,” writes Justin Ménard, Founder and CEO of LISTedTECH, a market research firm that tracks systems used in education, “the more we notice that the economic cycles impact the annual conference.” In his article, Our 2023 Analysis of the Educause Exhibitor’s Floor Plan, Justin sheds light on what he learned from gathering all floor plans and exhibitors’ lists since 2012 (“except for 2017 -unavailable- and 2020 -not an in-person conference”). Central to his analysis are the most significant booths, which cover six squares (600 sq ft) or more. The smallest possible booth a company can purchase is one square (100 sq ft). He talks publishing, hardware, ERP, CRM, LMS, and more — with many company mentions and all the receipts (charts) to go with—not for everyone, but if you’ve ever been to EDUCAUSE or work in some capacity with technology in higher education—it’s a really, really good one. Learn more.


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