E-pprentice from Nutshell Apps


Here’s a digital solution for apprenticeship enrollment and onboarding from a smart app company called Nutshell. The apprenticeship enrollment process is long and laborious. Numerous forms and checklists must be completed, and input is required from assessor, employer and apprentice at specific moments. Without a dedicated procedure in place, lengthy delays are common and the process can become incredibly difficult to manage. It’s no surprise then, that 95% of apprenticeship applications fail on the first try. Built on Nutshell’s unique no-code app building platform, their solution, “E-pprentice” — helps to dramatically speed up the enrollment process and ensure operational efficiency is up to standards. E-pprentice breaks down the traditionally unwieldly job load into 4 simple portals. For each application, the assessor, employer, apprentice and data officer can log in remotely and complete all necessary tasks straight from their mobile phones – far more convenient than coordinating in-person meetings. Automatic prompting and email reminders keep everyone on track and ensure all documentation is completed on time. This reduces the need to chase any party for signatures or updates – utilizing the software’s automation instead. A hugely beneficial feature of the software is the E-pprentice dashboard. The simple traffic light system provides a real-time progress overview allowing you to see what stage of the process each applicant has reached. This keeps each party accountable and each application on track. The software is set to cut application time down by over 70% and save over tens of thousands per year in labour, paper and fuel costs. For these reasons and more, E-pprentice earned a Cool Tool Award (finalist) for “Best Administrative Solution” as well as “Best Hiring or Internships Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.

*Note: Recent submission for The EdTech Awards are part of The EdTech Awards 2024 program; judging runs Nov-Feb 2024, results will be announced March 2024.     


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