TrustEd Apps Pledge


One of the most united and organized edtech communities, 1EdTech aims to support teaching and learning in all educational environments. As educators need tools and systems that can evolve along with their ever-changing challenges, 1EdTech’s TrustEd Apps Program helps build an open, trusted, and innovative digital learning ecosystem at every level. The program has four components: TrustEd Apps Pledge, TrustEd Apps Product Vetting & Certification, TrustEd Apps Management Suite, and the TrustEd Apps Certified Leader Program. 

Through all these programs and more, they are committed to achieving low-cost plug-and-play integration via open standards to enable educational institutions of all kinds to design and implement an agile, scalable, safe, data-rich edtech ecosystem that supports their unique goals in supporting faculty and students.

According to 1EdTech, a community spanning 28 countries with 932 member organizations, “while there are many ways to achieve data integration, only open standards have the potential to ensure choice and maximize the investment in innovation versus integration.”

In helping school districts, higher education institutions, departments of education, and suppliers ensure they are all truly working together to develop, promote, implement and evolve open standards, the 1EdTech community is asking all sector participants to consider becoming a public endorser of a pledge to ensure the lasting success of open standards in edtech. See the organizations that have endorsed the pledge to support TrustEd Apps. Read and take the pledge here. Learn more.


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