The Reading League Compass

A cool tool definitely worth a read: The Reading League Compass is a comprehensive platform designed to provide direction to stakeholders and decision-makers—from educators and administrators to legislators and policymakers—so they can make informed decisions about the science of reading. 

The Reading League (TRL) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to advance the awareness, understanding, and use of evidence-aligned reading instruction. Its landmark publication, Science of Reading: Defining Guide, is a definitive, no-cost document that distills more than 50 years of research into a precise definition of the science of reading. This trusted guidebook has been downloaded (or purchased as a hard copy) by more than 55,000 users. Leveraging the popularity of this publication, along with other cost-free resources from TRL, The Reading League Compass offers curated content, downloadable materials, resources, videos, podcasts, articles, and connections to various organizations, all aimed at equipping stakeholders with a clear roadmap for achieving success.

Stakeholder groups served by The Reading League Compass include legislators and state education agencies (SEAs), educator preparation programs (EPPs), administrators and administrator preparation programs, educators and specialists, and those working with English learners and emergent bilingual (EL/EB) students.

  • The EPP page within The Reading League Compass offers content created for faculty and leaders from colleges and universities, derived from insights gained through participation in TRL’s Educator Preparation Program community of practice. It includes inspirational narratives from the field, resources for refining syllabi, and model syllabi from a diverse array of EPPs.
  • The educator page features a carefully curated collection of guidance and reputable, go-to resources to learn more about the science of reading and the subcomponents of literacy.
  • The administrator page furnishes data-driven success stories and an array of resources designed to assist building and district leaders in strategic decision-making related to staffing, instructional materials, assessments, and the establishment of systems that support effective reading instruction.
  • The section for policymakers and SEA leaders houses the nation’s largest curated repository of policies, legislation, guidance documents, and other pertinent resources related to the science of reading. 
  • The English learner and emergent bilingual section serves as the repository for a curated list of reading research on how best to teach English learners and emergent bilingual students. It also showcases videos from TRL’s historic 2023 Summit, an inaugural event that brought together leading experts in the field of reading science, along with advocates and specialists dedicated to EL/EB student support.

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