Tech Transforming Workforce and Defining Work on Human Terms

If schools and universities look further down the pipeline, they’ll see a new report that can help them understand what is needed from K-12 and higher education in terms of future direction—in findings from the KPMG American Worker Pulse Survey 2023. 

As technology transforms the workforce, American workers want organizations to define work on human terms. 

American workers know that new technologies will continue to dramatically change how they work, but they still expect employers to be responsive to their needs, according to the new KPMG American Worker Pulse Survey 2023 report.

In fact, 75% of survey responders said that technology and artificial intelligence will automate some portion of their job, while 72% of executives and senior managers said that advances in technology will significantly impact their role.

The survey also showed that American workers are keen to hold their ground on the gains to work-life balance made in recent years, with 69% of respondents saying that a reduced work week would improve work-life balance, with 74% of Millennials agreeing.

“Organizations must find the delicate balance between embracing technologies, including generative AI, for productivity gains and protecting employee well-being,” says Felicia Lyon, Principal, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG LLP. “The workforce is pragmatic about the changes, but they hope their organizations prioritize their development, and support their well-being. Employers must take key actions now to prepare for technology transformation and retain valuable talent.”

The report, that highlights data from more than 1,800 U.S.-based employees across industries, outlines 5 key findings and explores key actions that employers can take on now to help their organizations best prepare their employees for technology transformation, deliver the best employee experience, and retain and support valuable talent. Learn more


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