How Education Marketers Are Approaching Fiscal Uncertainty and Major Shifts

Through comprehensive surveys and interviews with education company leaders, CB&A, a FINN Partners Company, uncovered crucial trends, concerns, and strategies for marketing success in the coming year. Although optimism generally prevails regarding budgets and growth, anxiety is also percolating among marketing and sales teams — as well as executives. Tactics that worked yesterday may flop tomorrow. Misalignment between marketers and leadership threatens progress.

In this report, the recently acquired leading PR and content marketing firm for companies serving K-12 and higher ed synthesized their findings into a tactical blueprint for 2024:

  • Learn where your peers and competitors are directing resources, how they’re evolving strategies, and where the gaps persist
  • Discover how to get leadership buy-in on proven marketing strategies
  • Access data-backed recommendations you can act on immediately to get ahead of challenges, focus efforts, and set your marketing up for 2024 success

For those wishing to be prepared for the future, this is some very good information you’ll need to thrive in 2024. Learn more



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